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  ~ A Perfect Ceremony by Sheri Rehill ~


WOW!! You fell in love, got engaged and have set a date
for that most special day in your lives!


Now you are likely elbow-deep in finding the dress, choosing rings, 
planning the million-and-one details of the reception.
But what about the Ceremony? 
The Ceremony itself is so often overlooked for all the fluff and planning, 
yet it’s the most important thing of all – the reason for all these plans!

Many couples have a general idea of what they want their wedding
to feel like and what they want in a ceremony, 
but very few realize the options that are available to 
help highlight that most important part of their day.

Your ceremony should be a reflection of your personal
tastes, personalities and lifestyle. 
What this means is that you should be able to have a ceremony
that is created just for you – one that no one else will have. 
It should be as special and as individual as you are.
Everything about it should reflect your uniqueness. 
We will create a ceremony that is all that and more. 
It will be very meaningful, symbolic and memorable for you and your guests.



Sheri Rehill
Licenced Marriage Commissioner
for the Province of Manitoba



What greater thing is there

For two human souls

Than to feel that they are joined together

To strengthen each other in all sorrow

To share with each other in all gladness

To be one with each other

In the silent, unspeakable memories.

  ~ George Eliot